How does erection occur and why do you have ED at all?

When a healthy man gets sexually stimulated by hearing, smelling or touching anything that makes him arouse; then, erection is happening. As a result, he gets ready to having a proper sexual intercourse with his partner. When your nervous system makes your blood flow to your male genitalia, your penis erects and therefore you can easily have a sex drive and perform well during sexual intercourse.

As soon as you realize that you have impotence, and that it is not possible for you to get an erection and avoid ED; then, you have to consider taking Viagra. When this kind of booster flows in your organism blood stays in your genitalia and your performance during sex is remarkable, Viagra makes it possible for your blood to get trapped in your male organ that is why erection stays and does not leave you so soon as earlier.
Usually, your arteries are getting thinner, and as soon as you have finished your sexual intercourse, your penis returns to its decent size and position.
For a healthy man to get an erection it is essential to have:

– A normally functioning nervous system usually runs your blood to the penis, and erection makes it possible for you to keep it up and perform well during intimacy with your wife
– Healthy blood vessels that will aid you to have erection because of the quick blood flow to your organism,
– Highly-functioning muscles in your body that will be calm while your blood arouses your penis to the highest level
– A possibility of making your blood stays in your male genitalia for as long as you want to.

As you can see, this kind of abilities is essential to get an erection and arouse correctly without any delay.

When you have certain heart conditions or serious mental health issues, you will be able to get rid of ED and improve your male enhancement with Viagra, in no time.

Usually, Viagra stays in your system for about a day and a half. If your erection is not visible in 1-2 hours, then please go to the doctor and tell him about your issues. Do not forget that, describing all your symptoms precisely and saying what you are feeling to your doctor, is a crucial step. Do not ever try to deal with depression, health problems and anger issues on your own.

Some people ignore all kind of health problem then they have just until the moment when they realize that there is an ED issue on their hands. Please never let any liver diseases, heart problem and various conditions that are bugging you destroy your self-esteem and ruin your sex-life.

Try to get a regular check-up, and keep an eye on your total health in general. When you see various inadequate symptoms, you have to run to the doctor and tell him how you feel. By the way, talking to your partner about ED problems and other intimate issues is very important. When you think that your partner will not understand or, God forbid, leave you after discovering your ED; then, forget about it. You have to trust your wife or life-partner. Remember that ED is a serious health condition and it is not your fault at all.

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