Can smoking cause an impotency among healthy men or it’s a myth?

When you are a heavy smoker, and you are thinking about the fact that your erectile dysfunction is possibly due to smoking in some way, then there is an excellent chance that you are right. It was proven a couple of decades ago that smoking drops your blood pressure. It can lead to the fact that your blood will not manage to flow to your penis at all.
So many men admit that they were expecting to have impotency at some point.  They knew that it was possible to prevent ED at some level. In order for you to be a healthy man and avoid ED as well as maintain your male enhancement, it is important to know precisely what can actually lead to erection issues in your life.

– Heavy smoking and other harmful addictions can affect erection. All men, under 35 years of age, do not find it to be important; but, constant smoking influences our blood pressure and vessels. When you smoke at least five cigarettes per day; then, you may have erectile dysfunction while getting older. To get an erection you have to make your blood flow very quickly, but tobacco makes your blood flow slower, and that is why erection is not happening when you are getting sexually stimulated with your partner in the bedroom. For you to finally quit this disgusting habit that destroys your health and even sexual life, then all you ought to do is to realize the wholesome damage that nicotine does to your body.

A great way to avoid ED is to take Viagra and get a proper erection.

A normal amount of Viagra is 50 mg pill, it can make you arouse quicker; and therefore, you will finish sexual intercourse properly without any kind of delay at all. Your partner will be totally happy with your sex-drive, and you will notice that satisfying her is so easy, just the way you did before.

– When you are moving a lot and jogging every morning, you feel healthier in general, and your weight will stay normal. For those men who are moving less and have a stable sexual life, it is easy to get ED and be overweight.
– Cut on alcohol and avoid mixing sexual booster pills like Viagra with other drugs and alcoholic beverages. When alcohol stays in your body and combines with male Viagra, your erection will be delayed, and you will not be able to get in a sexual mood while getting intimate.
It is a terrible idea for an older man taking a lot of alcohol. Think about your blood pressure before doing so.
– Check the levels of your cholesterol and blood sugar, at least once a year, in a hospital. When you are eating a lot, especially sweets and other food overfilled with sugar, you may experience diabetes. We all know that diabetes and erectile dysfunction go together and are connected very tightly.
– A great answer to all your health problems is to start eating healthy and go on a very strict diet. When you are eating healthier and apart from that you sustain junk food with various veggies and fruits.

As you can see, it is not difficult to avoid ED and have a proper sexual life with your girlfriend or life-partner. It will be better for you to make sure that your lifestyle is healthy; and, ultimately avoid various addictions.

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