Is There Really Sex Life after 65 – Senior Men Opinions and Experiences!

Does sex after 65 exist?

There are two opposite opinions about the sexual life of senior men. Traditionally, an active sexual life for men ends approximately at the age of 50-55. Men, over 65, are considered elderly in most cultures, and this period of life is not associated with sex in people’s mind. On the other hand, if you read posts created by modern pharmaceutic companies, you can conclude that age is not an obstacle for living an active intimate life – just one pill of sildenafil 20 mg will return you a power of a young guy.
Sex Life after 65

As is quite common, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Despite all the achievements of the pharmaceutical industry, there is no denying that certain physiologic changes in the organism of an ageing man often make him abandon sexual life.

What prevents elderly men from maintaining sexual activity?

Along with aging, the majority of men start experiencing a gradual decrease in all aspects of sexual life: potency, libido, and, of course, physical strength, which is associated with stamina. Natural testosterone level also decreases. Even if a man is healthy, erection is not as firm as it used to be.

Weakened muscles, worn-off joints and more fragile bones make it difficult to execute intensive physical exercises (and sex is an intensive exercise). Even if a man resolves the problem of erection with the help of medications like Cialis or Viagra, this activity will require too much efforts.

And what about medications?

Thanks to the advertisement, we all know that Viagra and pills alternative to Viagra can work magic. Pharmaceutical companies convince us that, with their tablets, a man will be able of making sex and giving pleasure to his partner till olden days. And what is the truth? According to independent statistics of major pharmacy chains, who monitor personal information of their customers, buying Rx drugs, men aged 65+ order Viagra online very rarely. This product is most demanded in the age group of 40-50.

And here is what men themselves say about it:

  • Advertisement hyperbolized efficiency of Viagra and understated Viagra side effects. In fact, it doesn’t make erection as hard as a stone in senior men. Moreover, in this age group, its effectiveness is not 90 or even 80 percent, as it is claimed by manufacturers. And, adverse effects, such as BP jumps, headache, and increasing of heartbeat rate make older men very cautious about it.
  • Drugs can make reaching erection easier due to intensified penile circulation. This statement is true. However, pills don’t treat lack of sex drive and don’t act like a sexual stimulator. So, it is not a guarantee of a successful sexual intercourse.
  • Suppose, a man managed to preserve a good libido and regulate erection with the help of meds. But his partner, most likely, is a woman of the same age or a little younger. Suppose, both of them are healthy enough and feel like having sex. But, women after 65 also face some problems associated with aging. Regarding sexual health, this is an excessive dryness of vagina, caused by post-menopause changes, atrophy of vaginal tissue. As a result, sex brings her little pleasure and much discomfort or even pain, and both partners stay dissatisfied.

How to enjoy sex after 65?

All the above mentioned, do not mean that sexual life after the age of 65 is impossible. As men themselves admit, they can get pleasure and experience orgasms; even, without a stone-firm erection. Even a weak erection and half-soft penis evidence the presence of sexual power and can result in an orgasm.

Also, elderly couples do not need penetration to stay satisfied. There are plenty of alternative ways to feel enjoyed, relaxed and happy – petting, kissing, massage and others. At this age, you don’t need to be shy about anything or to fear of pregnancy and STI. You are free to do whatever you want, to discuss any topics and finally, remember the past years, smiling. Ageing is inevitable; we can’t avoid or delay it. But we can learn how to get delighted with it!

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