Harmful Influence of Beer Consumption on Male Potency and Body in General.

Influence of beer on the potency is a very serious problem, because beer consumption is growing every year, as well as problems with potency.

There is rather an interesting pointHarmful Influence of Beer Consumption on Male Potency and Body in General. of view on the beer consumption. In small amounts and in the first phase, drinking beer is absolutely safe. However, we can find very interesting patterns. All the doctors and dietitians say that a modern beer is brewed from the beer-based powder. So, it’s not a natural product and the use of such a product is quite questionable.

Affect of Beer on Male Organism

Among a large number of available alcoholic beverages, beer has the most negative impact on the productivity and content of sex hormones in the male organism.

It’s a well-known fact that a male organism produces the testosterone hormone. Thanks to its functioning a man differs from a woman in the following aspects:

  • Body build;
  • More muscle strength;
  • Male-pattern of hair distribution (on face, chest, back, legs, etc.);
  • Temper;
  • The quality of voice.

Regular drinking beer in large quantities is dangerous because the body stimulates the production of estrogen (a female hormone), which inhibits the production of testosterone. As a result, the male body has the following reactions:

  • fat is deposited in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks,Harmful Influence of Beer Consumption on Male Potency and Body in General.
  • muscle mass decreases,
  • breast increases. The figure acquires a resemblance to the female one.
  • reduced hairiness,
  • irritability and increased excitability.

In the brain, blocks are removed from the center of hunger, the appetite rises and the person eats more than usual. Frequent overeating leads to obesity and increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Beer and Male Potency

The frequent and excessive drinking of beer has adverse effects on male potency as well. This beverage, especially dark beer, contains a large number of phytoestrogens, which are a plant analog of the female sex hormone. When accumulating in the body, phytoestrogens inhibit the male reproductive system and testosterone production, which leads to:

  • A decrease in libido,
  • Aweakening of the erection,
  • Development of erectile dysfunction. Often, erectile dysfunction is a symptom indicating the onset of heart diseases,
  • Unwillingness to have sex,
  • Lack of erection in the morning. This phenomenon is typical for elderly persons, but young and middle-aged men should have
  • Morning erection every day. Morning erection is not a sign that a man wants sex right now; it’s the sign that nothing is wrong with the male reproductive system.

Abuse of beer and good potency are absolutely mutually exclusive things! And getting used to this product in adolescence causes early impotence.

Changes in Organs and Systems Caused by Beer

It was already said that beer has a great negative impact on the whole male organism. The most serious consequences are:

  • Brain disorder, thought disorder, memory lapse;
  • Distension of blood vessels’ lumens that causes hypertension and promotes the development of varicose veins;
  • Deterioration of the heart work. Rapid absorption of beer into the blood stimulates accelerated filling of the veins and enlargement of the heart, which can cause arrhythmia, ischemic disease and even a heart attack;
  • Death of brain cells that leads to a decrease in mental abilities and memory impairment;
  • The rate of isolation of pancreatic enzymes decreases, pancreatitis can develop;
  • Under the influence of a large amount of beer, potassium is washed away from bones, the inflammatory process begins and fluid retention occurs;
  • The glands, that produce the gastric juice, break down and atrophy, which leads to indigestion. Chronic indigestion can cause stomach cancer;
  • Daily drinking of beer in 50% of cases leads to hepatitis or hepatic cirrhosis.

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